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Anti-Counterfeiting Investigations

OurĀ anti-counterfeiting investigationsĀ can include the following:

Anti Counterfeiting Investigations

Anti Counterfeiting Investigations

  • Anti-Counterfeiting Programs (Test Purchase Programs & Undercover Buys)
  • Buy & Trace
  • Training Law Enforcement & ICE
  • Creating Brand Manuals and Enforcement Procedures
  • ICE Seizure Notice Follow-up & Product Identification
  • Destruction or Donation of Infringing/Counterfeit Goods

Our firm has investigated many thousands of trademark counterfeiters and has participated in the execution of orders for seizure and impoundment of counterfeit goods. As a licensed private investigation firm specializing in anti-counterfeiting investigations, we can help you develop and execute a course of action to identify and stop the distribution of infringing goods. Our Infringement Monitoring and Evidence Acquisition services provide anĀ effective, action-oriented solution to Internet brand abuses. Additionally, through our global strategic alliances, we can provideĀ worldwide global supply chain coverageĀ that addresses infringement issues from source to sale.


Identify Sources of Infringement

  • Identify the source of counterfeit, pirated or gray market goods, including information on individuals and companies responsible for production and distribution.
  • Identify distribution channels and acquire evidence through documented evidentiary purchases of suspected counterfeit or pirated goods. These buys are conducted within a suitable context to maintain anonymity and to avoid prematurely raising the suspicion of the target. Documented chain of custody is maintained to ensure items are admissible as evidence.

Support Enforcement Action

  • Coordinate and execute civil seizures to recover counterfeit merchandise following the issuance of a court order for the seizure and impoundment of infringing goods. These ex parte seizure raids are conducted in close coordination with appropriate law enforcement organizations.
  • Support criminal enforcement by conducting ourselves with the diligence required to withstand the scrutiny of legal action. We work on the assumption that every case will be litigated, and therefore ensure compliance with proper evidentiary procedure. Our reports are delivered in pleading format, appropriate for direct introduction to evidence. Further, our professional investigators have been called on and are prepared to support their work with direct testimony.

Program Design and Support

  • Develop anti-counterfeiting and anti-piracy programs including preparing documentation and procedures to help your organization proactively identify and respond to infringing items in the marketplace.
  • Security infrastructure can assist in the prevention of channel distruption. We can assist in the design, installation and optimization of monitoring equipment, including CCTV/DVD systems.