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Company History

National Trademark Investigations: A Pioneer in Anti-Counterfeiting and Trademark Investigations

Founded in 1980 as National Sales Audits, National Trademark Investigations roots are in handling private investigations involving the use of trademarks and creating/implementing anti-counterfeiting programs.

Led by founders Bill Ellis and Kathy Braunstein, in its first decade the firm conducted investigations of thousands of counterfeiters and participated in ensuing execution of orders for seizure and impoundment of counterfeit goods.

Recognizing the needs of brand owners for substantive information on the use of trademarks in commerce, the firm expanded its scope to include trademark investigations, adopting the its current name of National Trademark Investigations in 1992.

National Trademark Investigations (NTI) came under the leadership of veteran private investigator Mike Santoni in 2001. Under his leadership, the firm opened a new headquarters in Orange County, California and continued to expand its scope of services and built out the management and investigative team.

Today, the firm’s capabilities include in-depth trademark usage investigations, comprehensive anti-counterfeit and anti-piracy investigations, and tactical and anonymous domain name valuation, negotiation and acquisition services, tailored to the needs of intellectual property attorneys, brand owners and IP protection services.